A beautiful brown hunting dog sitting in a field. Alongside it a gun leaning on some brush and the pheasants from the day's hunt.

Hunting Dog Training for Pointing and Flushing Dogs

Our upland bird training is a great place to begin your hunting dog training. Pointing breeds are taught to range within reason, they learn to point, back and remain steady to wing and shot. Flushing dogs learn to work within gun range, they will sit or “hup” once a bird takes flight. Both pointers and flushers are taught to retrieve to hand and also to respond to both voice and whistle commands. We will work on dogs with no initial training, as well as refining any requirements a dog may have that already has been in the field. We want your hunting dog to be the best companion you have ever had in the field and we’ll tailor a program to fit your needs.

Also, on occasion I have finished hunting dogs and pups for sale. Let me know if you might be interested.

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