A hunting dog in a foggy field with upland birds.

Trainer Bob Davis

Conveniently located within driving distance from St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago and Evansville, Indiana, Five Star Sporting Dogs is dedicated to training quality hunting dogs — and quality companions. In 1969, Bob Davis began training dogs for James Tuttle of Oak Grove Training Kennels in Ina, Illinois. In 1980 he went off on his own and since that time has trained over 3,000 dogs nationwide, as well as in Germany. He’s trained field trial dogs as well as working shooting dogs.

The foundation of his success has been built on one core belief — not every hunting dog is the same and therefore cannot be trained using the same methods. Just as these dogs are unique so are their owners and his training regimens are customized to the needs of them both — meaning that the owner is trained to upkeep their dog’s new behaviors.

Bob further understands that your dog is important to you and deserves personal service. That means you are welcome to be as involved in the training as you’d like, or if you choose to board your dog, you can rest assured knowing you will receive updates of your dog’s progress as he trains them.

Ultimately, Bob’s goal is simply to bring the owner and their dog to a place where they bring joy to each other and produce fond memories for years to come.

In 1993 I was referred by a friend in Indiana to Bob Davis of Five Star Sporting Dogs. My dog Max was 2 at the time – and very strong-headed. Bob took on the challenge and by the end of the training program had him focused and working hard in the field. Max turned out to be a very agressive and hard-working hunting dog who gave me and my two boys lots of great memories in the field. Since then, I’ve had Bob train two other dogs for me with amazing success. He is gentle, knowledgeable and willing to give each dog the individual attention it needs.

Mike Stark, Carbon, Ind.

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